First Church Mall

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Why you should use First Church Mall?

First Church Mall is what is called an "affiliate marketing site."
Links are provided by merchants where when you click on the merchant of your choice you are taken to the merchant's web site. A cookie is placed on your PC that credits First Church Mall for a % of your purchases.

You are buying from the merchant on their web site with their online security… the only difference is that because you clicked thru then an "affiliate commission" comes to First Church Arlington.

Who Benefits? is an online shopping site benefitting The First Methodist Church of Arlington Texas.

Who Oversees the Mall? is a service provided to the church by the Lamplighters Sunday School Class.

If you have an idea on additional merchants or services please contact us at

Where do the proceeds go?
ALL Proceeds from your purchases are directed to projects or the general budget of the church. Projects may vary from time to time at the decided by  First Church Administration and leadership of the Lamplighters Class.

How does it work?
Each time you visit a merchant by clicking on their logo/link on the site a tracking number follows you to that merchant's site and registers any purchases made giving a commission to the account. Commissions vary by merchant and product from a partial % to sometimes as much as 10% of purchases.

It is critical that you click on the merchant logo/link from the site EVERY TIME THAT YOU VISIT THE MERCHANT to ensure that the Mall gets credit for your purchase.